The cost of a translation project reflects the complexity of the task itself. The price will depend on a variety of factors, such as language combination, subject area, urgency and file format. Standard pricing conventions in the industry are based on word count of the source text or a standard line of the German target text (usually 55 keystrokes, including spaces).


For other services an hourly rate is more appropriate. For example, for PowerPoint files that involve a lot of extra formatting work or checking of translations against the source text.

Please contact me to ask for a quote.

In order to price your translation accurately I will need the following information from you:

  • language and file format of your document
  • (approximate) word count
  • if you don’t yet have the final version of the document to be translated, an idea of when you expect it to be ready
  • when you will need the translated document back
  • the purpose of the translation (for example, for your own internal information only – or as a marketing text to be printed or published online)
  • the target audience of the text.

It is always helpful to see the text to be translated before committing to a price and timescale. So, even if you only have a draft version at this point, please include it with your initial email to give me an idea of the kind of text I’m dealing with. To ensure secure transfer of confidential files I offer an email encryption facility. To make use of this, please download my public key.